Thursday, October 6, 2011

Who Wrote the Rules of Love?

Finally got my copy of Omar S’ latest collaboration with Detroit’s Colonel Abrams and Amp Fiddler, “Who Wrote the Rules of Love.” This is certainly one of Omar S’s finest House moments of the year – delicate and deep, this smooth number embodies the soul-centric vibes of old school House with exceptional production, complete with lovely vocals written and sung by Abrams himself. No less a must-have for soulful House heads. Here’s a little taste of the tune, remixed by Shadow Ray. A little more jacking than the original, but still just as warm and infectious.

Omar S is one of Detroit’s most fearless and innovative producers to emerge from the city’s second generation of House and Techno pioneers. He’s certainly made a dent in the overall sound of city, carrying on Detroit’s legacy as a nest for exceptional musical talents in the electronic field. While many of Omar S’ releases via his self-run imprint, FXHE embody the more spaced-out Techno-soul sound of the city, his endeavors into more soulful deep House are some of his best releases to date, effectively capturing the genre’s old school vibes. Below are some more of Omar S’ best House moments for your listening pleasure...

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