Friday, April 30, 2010

Lost in Sound 06: Auralism Records Exclusive

For this month's Lost in Sound episode, we bring you the sounds of the West coast underground brought to you by Jason Short and Clint Stewart from San Francisco's Auralism Records. Scroll below for stream of the mix or direct download.

Jason Short and Clint Stewart of Auralism Records.
Photo credit: Dean Paul

Earlier this year, we made a pit stop in San Francisco for an exclusive underground tour of the city’s close-knit house and techno scene. Thanks to our trusted Thunderground guides we were given a proper dose of West Coast style raging. The highlight of our visit was a night out at the downtown hotspot, 222 Hyde for a party hosted by local label, Auralism Records. That night Claude von Stroke was headlining and threw down a pretty funky set. However, what really perked our ears was the opening tag teaming between Auralism’s Clint Stewart and co-founder Jason Short. Fused with ingredients of deep house, glitchy techno and funky minimal these guys were pounding out some really unique music. The warm grooves and red glow that engulfed the space made for a great, sexy vibe on the dance floor throughout the night. Good times. We felt accomplished - we discovered a jackpot of the San Francisco underground sound!

So when Jason Short and Clint Stewart agreed to make a mix for this month’s
Lost in Sound episode, we were super thrilled. Hailing from Florida, Short, Stewart along with co-founder Marc Smith played a major role in creating a platform for techno amidst Bay Area’s dance music landscape largely dominated by funky house and breaks. “For us San Francisco was a place that was really unique, so individual. We got away with being really diverse because the city’s so open and free thinking. It was an ideal setting for cultivating our musical vision,” said Stewart.

Today Auralism is responsible for unearthing a slew of Frisco’s hidden talents and boasts a hearty roster of creative and forward-thinking artists in contemporary house and techno. Among them are Alland Byallo, Nikola Baytala, Franklin DeCosta, Elon and Dave Aju…to name a few. Ever-changing and always evolving, the Auralism family is driven by a very passionate and versatile crew. Wholeheartedly dedicated to what they do, these guys are committed to cutting edge music and bringing it to the dance floor in quality and style.

So here’s to the San Francisco disco…Enjoy!

Click here for direct download.


  1. Mri, Gathaspar - Artificial Respiration – Resopal Schallware
  2. Martin Buttrich – Stop Motion - Desolat
  3. Pantha Du Prince – Stick to My Side (Efdemin Version) – Rough Trade UK
  4. Mikael Stavostrand – Cries – Highgrade Records (Germany)
  5. Touane –CantstopwhenIwant – Lichen Records
  6. Shetland _Excesss (Brendon Moeller Moderately Excessive Dub Mix) - Apnea
  7. Minilogue - Animals (Beat Pharmacy Into the Wild Dub Mix) – Cocoon Recordings
  8. Paul Brtschitsch – Doriana (John Selway remix) – Rootknox music
  9. Robert Dietz – Teleparty – Cecille Numbers
  10. Inxec – Chicos Gaff – Stock5
  11. Damian Lazarus – Diamond in the Dark (Dop Remix) – Get Physical Music [Jason Edit]
  12. Josh Wink, Blakkat – Tweek & Roll (Pezzner Remix) - Shaboom
  13. Jori Hulkkonen & Jesper Dahlback – Egg Pizza – International Sound Labratory
  14. Kuniyuki Takahashi – Mercury (Dub Mix) – Mule Electronic
  15. Douglas Greed – Marcel – Freude Am Tranzen
  16. Stewart Walker – Scratched Notes – Curle Recordings [Jason Edit]
  17. Omar - Feeling You (Henrick Schwarz Edit) – Peppermint Jam [Jason Edit]
  18. Redshape – Rorschach's Game – Delsin Records
  19. Minilogue – In the Smoke We All Became Birds – Mule Electronic


  1. Thank you Bianca! Well done.

  2. Some great DJ's. Mos def understand it being a highlight of the trip!