Monday, December 28, 2009

Lost and Sound 03: Nathaniel Jay Hits the Deep Spot

There is one fact about Nathaniel Jay that not many people know about: he was actually born in a record crate, which somewhat explains why he seems more music than man. His passion for music is indisputable and he could spin records for days on end without noticing that any time has elapsed. Nathaniel is a vinyl enthusiast, with an exceptional taste in music especially when it comes to house, drawing influence from the finest purveyors of the genre’s deeper shades. He has made quite a reputation for himself in New York – aside from being the main resident DJ at the 766 Afterparty Headquarters in Brooklyn he has played at popular city hot spots such as Cielo and Love. Reputable underground parties such as BlkMarket Membership, Secretsundaze (NY edition) and the Coloured Sound collective in London have also included him in their line ups. He is also best known for founding Pitch It Down! a ‘movement’ for spreading the global ethos that a record sounds best when you slow it down (amen to 119 and –6!). To his credit he recently started dabbling in production with his Aussie partner in crime, Dave Robertson, creating a strain of deep house under the Soho808 moniker. He's come out with some pretty impressive stuff for a first timer (but then again, let’s not forget Music is his mother tongue).

For this exclusive mix* I asked him to get really really deep, and well, he hit the spot. This set reflects his skill and talent as a music enthusiast who understands deejaying as both an art and a science. Get down and enjoy this quality deep house journey that sounds so sexy it will most likely peel your clothes off…and get a repeat as well. It’s only fair to say this guy knows what he’s doing...

Direct download

*this mix is mostly vinyl and some CDs…all done on the fly…


Sven Tasnadi - Our Destiny (Ornaments)
Above Smoke - Awfully - The Fix EP (Yore Records)
Langenberg - Times [Manuel Tur's Ground Glass Reflex] (Mild Pitch)
Dachshund vs Modeste - V2E - Split Pump EP (Sthlmaudio)
Lawrence - Don't Forget (Smallville)
Nina Kraviz - I'm Gonna Get You (Rekids)
Steve Summers - Dreaming of Colour (Clone Jack for Days)
Hunee - Took My Love - Drumpoems Verse 2 (Drumpoet Community)
Quazar - Space Thing (Remote Area)
Above Smoke - Another Chance (Deep Explorer)
Scott Grooves - Detroit 808 (Scott Grooves)
Dubbyman - Loveless (Yore Records)

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