Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lost and Sound 02: Soul Kitchen

It doesn’t take long to learn that Soul Kitchen knows a thing or two about good food and good music. Hailing from the rolling hills of Switzerland, this young man first established his DJ career from the infamous Basement parties he threw at the UniversitĂ  della Svizzera Italiana study hall. Architect student by day, Soul Kitchen by night was the name of his game. It all started among a group of friends who realized something had to be done about the bleak party scene. “It was between no parties or we throw the parties,” he said. And that’s just what he did – it only took one passionate DJ and two hundred of his party hungry peers to make it possible. On these nights, the students would wait in the surrounding trees for Soul Kitchen and his crew to roll up – always minutes after the night guard finished his final round. As if on cue, the crowd would emerge, grab a speaker or two and before long the study hall transformed into a raging all-night party, only to end when the cleaning ladies came for their morning coffee…Good times!

Now relocated in New York, Soul Kitchen's fun-loving spirit and refined taste for all things funky, deep and soulful has already caught the attention of NY party-goers. Since his arrival he has headlined for the Fish and Techno party at the EveryDay MoMA Panorama Lounge and is a resident at the Upperwest Chateu Illy. For this special mix, he has whipped up a soulful dish of boogie shaking bliss to brighten your day. Bon apetit!

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  1. What is this fish and techno party you speak of?? :-O