Friday, November 19, 2010

Lost in Sound 11: Victor Vega Will Make You Freaky Deeky

Victor Vega is one of Bay Area’s best-kept secrets. For this Lost in Sound episode, we bring you a very special treat straight from the heart of San Francisco’s underground. In this seamless aural trip Vega voyages through deep, raw and hypnotic territory delivering the ideal after-hours set. It’s hard to believe this was actually recorded in his living room.

“Thick and juicy, make you want to freaky deeky - that’s where the sounds at,” said San Fran-based Victor Vega, “with a little Latin flavor.” Vega, a handsome Cuban-Puerto Rican crossbreed is one of Bay Area’s best-kept underground secrets. Producer and DJ, Vega has been a staple of the scene since he moved there six years ago, frequently gigging around and best known as a resident DJ and promoter of the city’s TRBL crew.

“We showcase local talent, and we don’t focus on any particular genre, just music itself,” said Vega of the TRBL, now reaching its third year mark. “Electro, dubstep, minimal techno…it’s taken us a couple years to really define what TRBL is, but what we ended up figuring out is it’s a vibe. It’s not pretentious, people want to dance there, its definitely become a little bit of a family, its become a force within crews in San Francisco.”

Vega has been a force himself in the scene best known for his enduring passion for music and the cause, constantly seeking fresh sounds and perfection in his sets and productions.

“I want things to be a certain way, still understanding, always listening. I’ll fall into this ‘if things aren’t sounding right’ routine, I’ll like step away for a few days. Especially if I’m almost finishing a track and something’s not right, I’ll take a breather for a couple days.”

Music is his life. Day jobs are just the “bread and butter.” He is entirely consumed by music – playing it, making it, thinking about it, and living in it - his bedroom is surrounded wall-to-wall with production gear. But such a setup is natural for any avid producer like Vega.

“When I made this mix, I was like yeah, you are going to get a dancefloor mix, you’re going to shake your ass.”

“I hope to have an EP one day,” he continued. “I have a lot of material, [but] my creative process is all over the place. I’m just making music right now.”

And by “all over the place,” he means he’s got his hands (and ears) tied up in several stimulating collaborations, particularly with Juan Segovia (aka “Juan Little Devil”) and another project in the works with Ben Bean.

“Juan has been my guru and teacher, he’s a great talent,” said Vega of his mentor. “Nobody really knows about him, he’s been my cornerstone of techno. Ben Bean – he’s more on a hip hop tip, so when we collaborate we do electro breaks a little bit. He’s from Santa Cruz, I consider him a cornerstone of hip hop - another talent or unknown one that I get the pleasure to learn with and collaborate with.”

Vega is an ambitious guy. And when it comes to laying down some grooves, he approaches the craft of the DJ just as meticulously. So when we asked Vega to make us a mix he showed us how it’s done right. The mix is a product of a month in the works – carefully crafted and planned out, edited and every possible glitch smoothed out. “When I made this mix, I was like yeah, you are going to get a dancefloor mix, you’re going to shake your ass.”

Yes, yes you will…


mataaz - juanlittledevil, victorvega // unreleast

herb , maetrik - audiomatique

get down - Zander VT

Chordy - maetrik remix,Robert Babicz // immortal changes

Swayer - franksen & tom wax

daniel steinberg - maccareno ( & dj emerson vocal rmx)

Like a techmachine - Format : B

booty call - dj T.

Lunchbox - delete (aka sergio munoz)

In my house og mix - martin Eyerer & Bjan

Interafrica , og mix - mihalis Safras

show time - emmanuel

Amelie format : B rmx - Butch

White hole - upon you

Batibati gol og mix - Andrea esu

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