Monday, December 13, 2010

Lost in Sound 13: Soho808 Mixtape Vol. 2

Soho808 is certainly not a new name here at Home Headquarters. We gave the duo a bump when their first single, From New York with Love perked our ears earlier in the summer. Fast forward to today and the NY-based duo has continued to impress us with their tasteful blend of deep house and sultry, pitched down disco. Good news abounds for the team, with their track “Just to See” selected for Soul Clap’s forthcoming mix CD on Art Department's No. 19 Music. Also in the works is a vinyl release of their excellent Soul II Soul “Back to Life” edit scheduled to come out early next year. So stay tuned...In anticipation of Soho808’s appearance at Autobrennt’s annual Holiday Disco cocktail party this Thursday, Dec. 16th, they’ve put together a jam of a mix for us to give you a taste – just a taste – of what will go down later this week. More info on the party here.

Check out their Soundcloud page for free downloads, new tracks and upcoming releases.

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  1. Good to see pitching it down is manifesting itself...