Thursday, September 29, 2011

Josh One - Contemplation (King Britt Funke Mix)

Dusting off old, forgotten tunes is always such a thrill - every time. Here’s a classic deep House hit from ’01 by Grammy-nominated producer, Josh One from LA. While we haven’t taken this one out of it’s sleeve for some time, its still as sexy and intoxicating as ever. This tune exudes that perfect late-night deepness complete with raw grooves, trippy soundscapes, and seriously sultry vocals. Once that grossly deep bassline kicks in, there’s no escaping this track’s hypnotic allure. While Josh One’s single spawned several mixes, this one wins by far – and it’s ten minutes long, too. Pitch it down.

Further listening/recommendations:

Aaron Carl - My House (Hollis P. Monroe remix) - Ovum - an afterhour perfect track with intimate, deep vibes.

Above Smoke - Save Us - Minuendo - groovy and emotive deepness by Spain's Above Smoke. Trippy as you like.

King Britt – The Intricate Beauty – Nervous Records - Britt’s last compilation from 2010, featuring an Ableton-produced mix of original productions. Check out our interview with the man himself on this release.

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