Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Daily Bump: Tune in to the Truth

Great radio interview and mix by one of our New York favorites, Reade Truth, a very serious and talented DJ who has been on our radar for quite sometime. As part of the Sonic Groove brethren alongside Adam X and Brennan Greene, Truth has been integral to the character of the city's techno scene to date. What really strikes us about this man is his contagious energy and passion for what he does and his extremely rich musical knowledge, particularly when it comes to house and techno. This guy will school you. His musical career has reached yet another peak over the past year, with the launch of his excellent imprint, White Label and fantastic releases on Planet E and Wurst Records.

A hardcore vinyl purist, this guy “lives and dies by vinyl” (we’d kill to check out his collection). Amen to that! Because of his vast musical library his sets are always surprising and cleverly constructed to take you on a captivating musical journey. He's a smart, creative DJ with an incredible ear. Tune in!

He’ll be cruising on tour in the US this month, so be on the look out for this hot talent coming to your city!

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