Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shades of Imagination: NEW HUE Productions returns with Blue at the House of Yes

The House of Yes is a fort for infinite creativity. Inside this place you will find that imagination comes to life, that the expected becomes the unexpected and what you thought was impossible becomes possible. Ceilings come alive with beautiful women swirling in the air, bare-chested men fly overhead and music can be seen and color tasted. (Photo credit: Nick Brooks)

This Sunday The House of Yes brings audiences another unusual and magical performance – BLUE, a live theater dinner presented by NEW HUE, a one-of-its-kind production team dedicated to immersive, experiential entertainment. Promising a three course gourmet sushi meal, surround visuals, eight live performances of acrobatics, circus acts, ethnic dancing, and choreographed ensembles and live electronic music, BLUE explores the multimedia and interactive trend of new theater aimed to break down the invisible barrier between performer and audience, audience and performer.

“There’s no stage. The tables are all facing in and I challenge the performers to think in a 360 view,” said Tara McManus. Costume designer by day, architect of imagination by night McManus stands at the very core of this elaborate production. She first introduced her vision of NEW HUE through RED, the widely successful and sold-out show on Valentine’s Day earlier this year.

“Part of the idea [behind NEW HUE] started because I wanted to do something where I can put my friends up on a platform and where people can really savor it,” continued McManus.

Tara McManus (middle), lady in red.

All performers were handpicked by McManus herself and represent her kin of exceptionally talented and adventurous off-Broadway and underground artists from the famed Lady Circus to members from the cutting-edge De La Guarda show.

“Each [act] is inspired by a color and I think they are always, accidentally self portraits of what I’m going through at the time,” said McManus. Part theater, part circus show, part concert, part live art NEW HUE Productions is about color as the catalyst to creativity, allowing those involved to explore and embrace the shade that speaks to them.

“When I went to write about Blue, I thought, well its not about the blues, it’s more about clarity. Everyone has their own interpretation of the color, so I leave it very open ended. I write out my vision of the color and send it out to different people and ask them what they would do with it.” Then, breaking out in a knowing smile she said, “I don’t want to give out too much. I’m really working on the element of surprise.”

BLUE takes place on Sunday, June 13th at The House of Yes located at 342 Maujer St.
Tickets are $50 each and can be purchased by going to

Fore more event details, list of performances and musical acts, click here.

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