Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Daily Bump: Once upon a time in New York...

Back in the day - Vinyl, NYC

Once upon a time, when the days of Paradise Garage and Studio 54 were just a legacy a new wave of New York nightlife took over the city. These were the days of the Sound Factory, Vinyl, the Tunnel, Twilo and Arc that in their own way marked a new generation of clubbers, a new generation of DJs and a new era of dance music. These were epic places where some of the best music was played, where some of the best talent came to play it and where magical dance floor memories were made. We unfortunately missed that generation but we can't get enough of the stories we hear and are always intrigued by the nostalgia that these places spark. If you're in New York, heads up: tonight Pacha NYC is hosting the Annual Vinyl, Twilo, Arc Reunion Night at with leading man Danny Tenaglia reining the decks all night serving up the classics. We'll be there to report on this special night.

Here is an entertaining and interesting feature on Danny Tenaglia and the golden years of New York nightlife, brought to you by

We have to admit we're a little jealous we missed this era. It sounded epic.

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