Friday, May 7, 2010

The Daily Bump: How Weird Street Faire celebrates peace, partying and the peculiar

This just in from our Frisco Headquarters: this weekend we’ll be partying among the peculiar at the How Weird Street Faire taking place on Sunday, now in its 11th year! Rooted by the West Coast's seeds of peaceful partying, How Weird is an annual fest aimed to raise awareness and foster unity by bringing together a diversity of Bay area musicians, artists, DJs and collectives from across the electronic music community. The event is a fundraiser for the nonprofit, World Peace Through Technology. Yeah, we dig.

Here's an exclusive mix by Christopher Charles of Serenity Vibez, who will be performing at the Faire.

HowWeird Festival Tech mix by Christopher Charles

In anticipation of Sunday’s event, we caught up with one of our favorite righteous ragers, Serenity Vibez, the production team founded by model/activist Jessica Colette and Christopher Charles (stream his exclusive mix above!). For this year’s Faire ,Vibez will be co-hosting the Style/Clash Fashion Alley show, with Charles of Vibez on the decks for part of the night, ravishing the runway with his dark, techy beats. Now in its second year, Fashion Alley is the culminating event of the Style/Clash documentary series, founded, produced and directed by Andre Champagne. After the successful launch of the Show in 2009, Champagne was inspired to continue these runway rallies aimed as a creative way to foster unity and awareness. Fashion Alley will be running throughout the day to increase support for Amnesty International’s campaign against the global unsustainable apparel dilemma. “The show will be all local designers. That’s what we’re really pushing – buying locally. Not everything is organic or sustainable living but at least it’s local and it’s a local designer that’s making it and definitely not coming from Sri Lanka, for example,” said Colette, who will be co-hosting and coordinating the show.

Since 2008, the Vibez production duo has been spreading good karma and deep tech beats throughout dance floors with a slew of successful techno-charity nights under their belt. You may have heard of them from their Base nights at Vessel, a weekly party featuring hand-picked headliners from the coast to continents beyond (M.A.N.D.Y. coming May 27th!). “Serenity Vibez is all about giving back to the community in a positive light,” said Colette, “ That’s where we got our name from. We have a serene peaceful side, which is our intent to give back to the community but we also our “vibes” side, which stands for the dirty beats we bring. We try to bring those sides together, party for a good cause. There’s is so much more to just partying - it’s a celebration of life and appreciating life.”

Ah yes, tranquil techno heads! Only in San Francisco...Here's a clip from Fashion Alley 2009 to give you a taste of what you're in for this Sunday..

Along with performances, live music and DJs that will accompany this all-day fashion show, there will also be an “Extraordinary Tour” of the event that incorporates high-end tech tools so attendees will be able to spread awareness of their experience in real time and literally be a part of the show, live. We’re not quite sure how it works, but Silicon Valley is the future!

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