Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Daily Bump: Nico's Humble Beginnings

One of our first introductions to the contemporary house and techno world was from listening to the early productions by the Brooklyn based duo, Wolf + Lamb. This was before their reputation leaked beyond their legendary cove at The Marcy Hotel. It was even before we discovered the infamous place ourselves. What piqued our interest about this crew was in fact when we stumbled upon this unusual mix by a young man named Nicolas Jaar posted on their website during summer 2008. We were sitting on a rooftop at the break of dawn when we decided to see what this guy was all about. Since that magical moment this mix has been very close to our hearts. While Nicolas Jaar has grown tremendously in style and reputation since then we still believe nothing can match the beauty of his promo set, recorded live at the Wolf+Lamb headquarters. Unfortunately we weren’t there to experience this moment but we like to imagine it was played to a small crowd in the middle of a desert at the cusp of dusk. Barren, yet intense, this melancholic mix spirals through emotional territory, treading delicately through soundscapes of flittering bells, giggling children, soft piano narratives and wailing trumpets. Yes, this is house music, but certainly not in the traditional sense. We play this very rarely because the emotion evoked can feel quite heavy. Nonetheless, this week we needed to bear the weight.

Nicolas Jaar Live Fall 08' by Clown and Sunset

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