Thursday, September 10, 2009

Electric Zoo in Review: The music went BOOM BOOM and the people went WOOO!!

The Electric Zoo was the place to be on Labor Day weekend. The 25 acres of Randall’s Island was flooded with festivalgoers from around the globe, drawing roughly 15,000 people on both days. Made Even t did an outstanding job, going beyond my expectations and pulled off a flawless event that I hope will not be the last time for New York. The island was transformed into a music lover’s playground; with four tents to choose from there was no way to escape the music’s steely thump, which made you feel like you were on some Planet Techno (if one were to ever exist). The menu of acts offered a little something for everyone – techhouse, electro, nudisco, deep house, trance...Stand out acts from my experience were Ben Watts (you can download the live set here), Danny Tenaglia, Adam Beyer, Victor Calderone, Al Doyle (Hot Chip) and James Murphy and Pat Mahoney from LCD Soundsystem; I give three thumbs for the awesome line-up in general. Music aside, watching the crowd and the atmosphere from day to night were two different worlds; by night each tent lit up with a different lighting theme – the main stage was like a convulsing glow stick, Sunday School flashed with neon oranges, blues and reds and the Disco Grove turned into a psychedelic disco wonderland. The Zoo experience was more than simply a music festival, it was an adventure that was incredibly fun and refreshing. I can’t think of a more perfect event to put closure to the summer or to celebrate the resurgence of New York’s dance music culture. Thanks a lot to the Made Event team!

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