Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Danger Party Halloween 2009

Halloween night in New York is like letting a circus run loose on acid – it’s a shit show, but the good kind. Nothing captured this only-in-NY Halloween spirit better than this year’s two warehouse extravaganza thrown by Brooklyn’s die-hard underground warriors, The Danger crew. After last year’s blowout was shut down at the premature hour of 4 am, the chances of the group’s epic Halloween parties making a comeback were slim.

This was hardly the case this year. (Photos courtesy of J. Peter Siriprakorn)

There is no where close to describe the vibe that night – it was as if everyone from the DJs to the frenzied crowd were holding on to every minute like it was the last. The music thundered over the grungy loft, with DJs Zemi17 and Derek Plaslaiko tearing up the dance floor with wild, trippy techno sets.

The energy was contagious and we were still going strong by the time the sun came up. Some experiences as surreal as this night was, are hard to capture in words, so let these snapshots speak for themselves...

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