Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Too Much Light EP

New month, new season, new music....Lots of great releases to look forward to this fall, and this deep number, Too Much Light EP by Daniel Solar forthcoming on Tenth Circle is on the hot list.

Solar is quite a versatile producer - he's been producing music for several years, dabbling in everything from chunky minimal Techno to funky House. However, it was roughly a year ago when the young artist really made his mark after he formed his own imprint, Dikso. Solar is especially on a role these days, with recent productions such as his Dikso 6 EP (and the aforementioned Tenth Circle release) leaning more towards deep House territory. This may be Solar's calling...keep an eye out on this guy.

Like what you hear? For further listening, check out these recommendations below (click on titles for download link):

Solar and production partner, Andi De Luxe give this lo-fi deep House number a warm, emotive touch

Slo-mo, chill out boogie. Quintessentially "Dikso".

Another excellent release from Dikso camp, featuring more original productions from the likes of Solar, Autodeep, soho808 and UK's Ooft.

A very sexy deep House release with a remix by Detroit's Delano Smith.

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