Friday, April 22, 2011

MELT: The Synergy of Sound and Sight

This Saturday, April 23rd, halcyon presents MELT, a performance art and music event featuring NY-based DJs Abagale Fischer and Connie, and a live art collaboration by Brian Life and Matt Phillips.

MELT is not just a party. Sure, DJs will be spinning deep music to make you move and groove, but it’s so much more than that. The event, which was founded by NY-based artist, DJ, producer and dancer, Abagale Fischer, is about fusion of expression and the synergy of sight and sound.

Fischer, who launched the series in 2008, started MELT after stumbling upon the hidden and mystique world of Psybient music (or the “chill sister” of Psytrance, as some may say). Psybient is an unusual strain of music. To quote Fischer herself, it's “deep melodic bass music” that stems from small subcultures spread across the world, particularly found in places like Israel, Holland, Sweden, Greece and India. It’s music that is difficult to find, and just as difficult to label. Call it “chill out,” but it has more momentum than your typical lounge-style music. Rather, Psybient is along the lines of experimental ambient and electronic music that is more emotive, creative and spiritual than your standard downtempo. Since the sound is so underground and fragmented throughout the globe, it takes years and years to dig up a sizable library. Fischer and Connie are two out of the few local DJs tapped into this musical subculture.

To read more about the far out world of Psybient and this weekend’s MELT experience, check out this interesting and thorough interview with the insightful Fischer herself.

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