Monday, January 24, 2011

Lost in Sound 15: Ahmed Hashim's Sunday Morning Sounds

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We like people with good taste in music. And we especially like when those people know how to spin their music well too. That’s pretty much why we launched “Lost in Sound” – to give those out there a platform to show off their skills and style regardless if they are considered a bedroom DJ or international hot shot. It’s all about quality. For our 15th episode we reached out to NYC local, Ahmed Hashim who laid down a tasteful and feel good set of deep disco house (including some exclusive, unreleased tracks) for your aural enjoyment. Tune in…(tracklist after the jump).

Hashim is the man behind the Indo Silver Club music blog - an online platter of aural treats, which he updates on a weekly basis. It's a place to indulge in an amass of excellent tunes that range from old disco to Detroit deep house, old school hip hop to indie rock and everything in between. “I kept it as a simple no frills music blog: an artist, a song, and a play button every couple of days,” he said of the blog’s first starts. Hashim initially launched it as a personal outlet to listen to music at work where personal libraries weren’t accessible. Since then the blog has grown to become a popular go-to spot for music junkies like ourselves and a reliable source for hearing quality music, from the present to the past.

“If you go back into the archives and listen to the music I posted in the beginning and compare it to what I’m posting now you can see how my tastes have matured over time, which I think is pretty neat (albeit kind of embarrassing). Who knows, I might even incorporate it into an outlet for my own production in due time. As for the name, “Indo Silver Club:” it was the first Daft Punk (and probably dance music) song that resonated with me when I was a kid in the 90's!”

When not blogging about the music that he loves Hashim pursues his own productions (one which he has included in this mix) and DJs locally as well, frequenting smaller gigs around the city from underground hot spots like Stay to more corporate events at the upscale Greenhouse.

And where is he going from here?

“I would love to pursue music and the arts as a full time thing. Really, I'm just trying my best to contribute back to the arts that have brought me here in the first place. If I could make one person who listens to a record I play stop and enjoy the moment they're in - I'm pretty content. As for future plans, I think Leslie Nielsen put it best: ‘like a blind man at an orgy, I'm going to have to feel my way through’.”

Gil Scott-Heron - Parents [XL Recordings] The Temptations - Papa Was A Rolling Stone [Motown] Moodymann - The Third Track [Planet E] Iron Curtis - Save The Night [Mule Electronic] Franc Spangler - Forever And A Day [Delusions Of Grandeur] Mystery Roar - Mayhem (Soul Clap Remix) [Unreleased] Ilija Rudman - Time And Time (Michael J Collins Remix) [Electric Minds] Wolf + Lamb - Shoeshine Boogie (Remix Of Mock & Toof) [Wolf + Lamb] Tensnake - Congolal [Endless Flight] Gunnar Wendel - 578 (Omar-S Rude Boy Warm Mix) [FXHE] Junior Boys - No Kinda Man [Get Physical] Ron's Edits - Serious [Wolf + Lamb Black] Ahmed Hashim - Worse Than Before [Unreleased] Tornado Wallace - Swimmin' [Delusions Of Grandeur] Nicolas Jaar - Can't See What Is Burning There [Unreleased] Jellphonic - The Only One [Clone Crown Limited]

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