Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Q & A with Martyn

Martyn has been a driving force behind the dubstep revival of late, and his releases and DJing talent have earned him international recognition and a global fan base. Many have called him a pioneer. And such acknowledgment and respect is well deserved. Forget all the hype built up around him – this guy is legitimately doing something very, very right. His productions are tasteful, sophisticated and refreshingly unique, and when he’s behind the decks, his eclecticism reveals a DJ who takes his job seriously. We were curious to know, who is this man behind the music? During the Electric Zoo, we sat down with Martyn and were immediately inspired by this passionate musician, and we’re sure you will too!

How did you think things went during your set this morning?

It was quite surprising because if you play at 12 pm at a festival like this you don’t expect that much. But it actually filled up really nice, and yeah, it had a really good vibe.

Do you prepare in advance for your sets?

I think it’s the most honest way of DJing, when you don’t really have a plan. Obviously there are certain tracks that I like to play and compilations in my head, but I like to take it as it is and see what the vibe is like. Very freestyle.

What album or release do you think really put your career in motion?

Personally, my [first] album [did]. That really put me on the map outside my scene, and people started to take notice. But it’s different for everyone. Some people would say my remix work, I’ve done a lot of those, and they’ve become quite popular.

Do you like doing remixes?

No. I mean, I get a couple requests a week. I usually say no straight away because I want to spend time on my own music – unless it’s a track that has a personal message to me then I’d consider doing one. But I’m not really a fan of remixes.

What is it like to be in the “Martyn music-making zone”?

I always have a really hard time getting started on stuff. So it takes a really long time to figure out a main idea for a track, and I just walk around…sometimes I have an idea in my head for a month before I actually start making it. And once I start making it, it’s actually a faster process. I’m quite hectic – I do lots of things at the same time. I really don’t like interference at all, like working with other people. I’m usually really quite on my own.

What is the criterion for signing on artists to your label, 3024 recordings?

That I like it. That’s the only criteria. Very simple.

You live in DC now, correct? How has that influenced you, if at all?

Quite a lot I think, because I lived in Holland all my life and DC is really a different vibe. We live in quite a suburban area, [so] it’s quite boring. I kind of like it – I do all this traveling, I play my gigs, which is fine. But I do like a bit of normalcy and during the week I like to blend in with soccer moms, go to the store, and be really normal. I’ve lived there for at least 3 years.

You have really gained a lot of international recognition as of late. Have you always wanted this attention?

Well it’s always been about the music for me, playing it to people, you know? It never really was about the whole fame thing. I guess you start getting a little bit more emotional about music and playing music for people and try to move them with certain things. So I guess that’s what keeps me busy nowadays.

Do you feel fulfilled?

Oh yeah. What’s more is that maybe ten years ago, when I was just trying to get higher up all the time, now I’m not really about “higher” up anymore. I’m just trying to touch people with something, you know?

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