Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Q&A with Franklin De Costa

On Oct. 2, Germany’s seasoned DJ, Franklin de Costa will be returning to New York to play for the anticipated Resolute fall season kick-off with Swayzak. As we count down the days to the party, we reached out to de Costa to see what he's up to and why he's looking forward to spinning this weekend. Q&A after the jump! For more news, interviews, music and more follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Franklin De Costa is certainly not a new face to Resolute or to America for that matter - he’s a resident for Listed, San Francisco’s premier booking and productions team and he’s frequented Brooklyn and New York underground ragers multiple times. De Costa has been producing tracks and dropping beats since the early ‘90s, and since then has released a slew of haunting, deep minimalism and funky dark tech on respectable labels (Trapez, Curle, Noir, to name a few). He’s kept a modest profile, preferring to remain comfortably humble and letting his talent behind the decks speak for itself. As we countdown to this anticipated event, we caught up with de Costa prior to his arrival, and chatted about upcoming projects, summer highlights and which Swayzak tracks top his chart.

What have been some of the highlights from 2010, so far?

There have been a lot this year. I had a long tour in South America,

a fantastic summer in Berlin and seen many new places around the globe.

It’s hard to point one out.

What is unique about playing in New York compared to the other places

You’ve played in?

I like the enthusiasm of the underground parties. The vibe is fresh. New York is an amazing city and its sad to see the normal clubs having all these harsh laws & restrictions.

How did you get involved with Listed?

Through my friends at Auralism Records in San Francisco. Great Agency.

How have you evolved as a DJ and producer since you first started out

in this industry?

I started in ’96, after I finished school. Since then the techno “biz” has changed a lot. I would say it became the same like the pop biz. Of Course all the industry structures had to change through the dawn of the digital age. So it was a constant learning process – you have to learn to be your own manager and not just learn producing skills and being a solid and reliable DJ.

What record or track makes you dance like crazy, wave your hands in the air, every time you hear it or play it?

It all depends on the mood I’m in. I can’t really be specific. I come from the dancefloor so sometimes a DJ set, live set or my own beats make me do strange things with my body...

If you could choose 3 words to describe your music, what would they be?

Bass, funk & space.

Have you ever played the same gig as Swayzak before?

Nope. As an old fan from the nineties I´m really looking forward to hearing them play.

Do you have a favorite Swayzak track or album? If so, please list...

Ping Pong and State of Grace are my favorite tracks but there are a lot of other great tracks by Swayzak..

Who is on your radar these days musically? Please list one reason they

have caught your attention...

Oh there always a lot people. Erdbeerschnitzel from Germany with his

house/disco approach. Waterfall from Norway for his slo-mo spacey

deepness. Also Michael J Collins for his minimalistic funky deep house

music. The stuff on Fachwerk for the funky dirty and raw techno stuff...

What projects do you have going on over the next couple months?

A lot new music coming. There will be an EP for the Resolute Label!

I have a lot remixes [coming up] and its time to start working on an


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