Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Feed the Animals: Festival Artist Martyn Gets Q&A'd

I like playing across the board. I play good stuff from every “scene” or “genre” just because to me it’s all just good music...I’m just chameleon-ing my way through it all – I love it!

Dutch man Martyn has been rising up the ranks of late, heralded as a dubstep pioneer for his work in merging the UK sound with German techno - a style that breaches beyond dubstep's classic roots and into the vast world of future sound. Martyn is not a new face to the US - he has played throughout the country and in New York several times, but the Electric Zoo will surely be his largest event here - and it's safe to say, the most anticipated. In this new interview, Martyn talks to Brooklyn's record shop, Halcyon about the challenges of touring, his latest projects and what he considers "fresh music." We'll be looking forward to hearing this man about town drop some heavy bass at the Zoo!

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