Monday, August 23, 2010

The Daily Bump: Statra Radio Launches! With Guest Mix by Geche

In New York, there are only a handful of imprints that capture the pure, raw vibe of the city's underground sound. Statra Recordings is one of those few labels that represents exactly that, and has been since 2000. Finally, after all these years they've launched their own radio show, which debuted today! Tune in to this great episode hosted by Statra's GM, Dan Mullins featuring a super special guest mix by Geche, one of the label's earliest members.

Today these guys bring you two hours of quality music packed with a refreshing selection of tunes from rare bootlegs and disco re-edits to dubby house, dubstep, downtempo and experimental electronica. Super hot stuff! Stay tuned for The Statra Sound compilation mixed by Nick Chacona out Sept. 7 featuring unreleased cuts, re-issues and B-sides! More details coming soon....

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