Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Daily Bump: Sonar goes Chicago

Sonar goes Chicago this September 9 - 11, focusing on multimedia art and experimental electronic acts from emerging talent and local artists based in North American and Catalonia.

The hype of techno-oriented summer fests in North America is pretty short-lived compared to the wave of mayhem that washes over Europe during the warmer months. Kicking off this season is Sonar, a three day international fest of electronic music and multimedia art held in the vibrant city of Barcelona (going on as we write...). We're still burnt out from our Movement rage, but we still envy all our friends who made it across the coast for this epic event. Sonar is a different breed of electronic music fests, the kind that delves a little deeper into the more 'advanced' schools of music and digital creativity - kind of like Mutek but of a higher caliber.

While our mouths are watering from just reading about the jam-packed, versatile program of the festival we found out that Sonar is actually Chicago-bound this September 2010. Sonar Chicago is the fruit of collaboration between various cultural institutes, both local, national and international and will showcase a slew of multimedia artists and electronic music with a more experimental edge. Word about the line up is still hush hush, so we'll sit tight until the official July announcement. This mini-Sonar may not be even close to the three-day marathon going on right now but we're definitely getting a slice of the goods. Last year marked the first time Sonar's international outreach endeavors reached out to US grounds (in New York and Washington) and this year's Chicago stint is anticipated to be a regular event. To get more details sign up for the newsletter here.

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