Tuesday, May 11, 2010

While you were home, we were…Getting Weird

Last weekend our Frisco team braved the streets clad in Bollywood inspired costumes (yes, really) for San Fran’s annual How Weird Festival that took place on Sunday, May 9th. Come to think of it, How Weird was actually quite a normal affair considering the Bay’s affinity for the quirky and peculiar. Here's a recap of the experience straight from our West Coast crew.

Streets of Freaks

It is a known fact that when you live or frequent San Francisco’s nightlife (or anytime of the day, actually) what is considered weird at first, becomes a different sort of normal. The “How Weird Faire” was exactly that kid type of happening that was so normally weird for a Frisco affair.

The faire sprawled across the SOMA district, each block representing a new personality in sound, lifestyle and expression. The streets were littered with flavors of style and culture from this world and beyond. As the music pumped through the streets our senses seemed to elevate. The proudly peculiar and wildly weird united on the dance floor to express, progress, bond and break free (ourselves included!). People relished in their interpretations of Bollyweird theme (whatever that does mean), which made for an amusing cast of characters throughout the day. The peak of the party: when hundreds of festival goers gathered for the World Record Bollywood Dance contest, previously set at 1,111 people! Stay tuned, the jury has not announced the outcome just yet...

Bolly what...?

The fusion of DJs and musicians scheduled throughout the day reflected original expression, with banging beats that covered everything from breaks to freaky nu disco, drum and bass, techno, dubstep, dirty electro, glitch and all things weird. Street vendors peddled everything from Burningman gear to healing remedies, beaver costumes and everything in between. Crews such as Space Cowboys, Opulent Temple, Stratgik, Non Stop Bangra, Groove Garden came together to make this an event certainly not one to be missed. You could not have a bad day here, and if you did, you probably weren’t weird enough for SF normalcy.

Once the sun filtered out the parties continued (naturally) into the clubs and undergrounds mainstays, with the heads and weekend warriors braved through the night until sunrise...and it is likely several may have forgotten to go home…

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