Monday, May 3, 2010

Ode to Detroit: A Special Edition

Throughout May, we will be running the first installment of our themed editions, dedicating the next few weeks to Detroit as a prelude to the much-anticipated Movement festival at the end of the month, now in it's tenth year.

Movement Festival, Hart Plaza 2008.

"Techno is just like Detroit, a complete mistake. It's like George Clinton and Kraftwerk stuck in an elevator with only a sequencer to keep them company." - Derrick May

Since the first rumblings of techno’s steely beats in the early ‘80s and the emergence of the Belleville Three legacy, Detroit continues to stands as an epicenter for electronic music and home to incredible talent and music to date. We have always been fascinated by Detroit artists and music wondered, what is “it” about this unique place and its homegrown talent that breeds such originality and creativity?

Although there is not simply one answer to this there are many reveling perspectives that provide insight to this phenomenon. So for this “Ode to Detroit” edition we investigate the mystique about Detroit by featuring conversations with some of our most respected Motor City artists, profile some cats considered vanguards of Detroit’s “second movement” and spotlight some of the women who have contributed to the city’s male-dominated musical reputation. To close the edition and kick off the week leading up to Movement, we will blast an exclusive mix by one of our favorite Detroit DJs.

We will be updating the site with new features on a weekly basis, so stay tuned…

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