Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Daily Bump: Villalobos' Detroit appearance cancelled; Richie Hawtin to fill in

Hawtin to replace Villalobos at Movement

This just in: Ricardo Villalobos, probably one of the most hyped acts scheduled to perform at this year's Movement Festival at Hart Plaza, will not be making an appearance due to Visa issues. Damn beurocracy! He is not the only victim of Visa woes - Marcel Dettman who was scheduled to play at the hotly tipped Kontrol afterparty will not be coming for the same reasons. Conspiracy, anyone? Okay, we're not going to go that far but the international DJ seems to be in limbo when coming to the US because of the spike in border restrictions...

BUT, while this news is unfortunate, there is good news to be said: Richie Hawtin will be filling the slots, both at Hart Plaza and on the Voyage Royale after party Sunday night, alongside DJ Magda. Not too shabby of a replacement...

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  1. Ricardo not showing was equivalent to getting front row tickets to the Laker's game and Kobe calling in sick