Friday, May 21, 2010

The Daily Bump: No Sleep 'til Berlin

Scroll below for short excerpt from Tobias Rapp's Berghain adventure, taken from Lost and Sound, a book that delves deep into Germany's club and techno culture.

Entrance to Berghain/Panorama Bar, Berlin

If you're in New York tonight there's a big deal party going on tonight with some big deal people from a big deal place: it's the first night of the Berghain & Panorama Bar residency at The Bunker, New York's monthly mainstay for techno's more serious enthusiasts. Dark, grungy and bland there's nothing special about the place, but we're not too concerned with aesthetics. It's a perfect place for the heads. Those who go, go because they know what they're in for. Here, you'll get to hear some of the most cutting edge talent from techno's underground throw down some of the most incredible sets you'll hear all year. This atmosphere is what makes The Bunker the perfect spot for a Berghian & Panaroma bar residency, the two most legendary and infamous clubs in Berlin, a capital where serious techno enthusiasts flock and where some of the leading, forward-thinking DJs emerge. The clubs are legendary for the impeccable talent that has come to play there, for its state-of-the-art sound system and of course, for the debauchery that ensues over weekend-long parties. So tonight, its Brooklyn meets Berlin. This is bound to be epic.

Below is a short excerpt of Tobias Rapp's adventure at Berghain, which is taken from his book Lost and Sound, which explores the intriguing world of Germany's techno landscape. You can read the full excerpt published on Resident Advisor:

"Berghain not only bears a certain architectural resemblance to a cathedral, it's an actual temple of techno. And whether by design or not, waiting in the queue is the first step in an initiation ritual, soon followed by an unmistakable feeling of butterflies in your stomach as you edge towards the door. You watch as people ahead of you get turned away. You try to figure out the criteria. Most of the time it's pretty simple: groups of young men always have a hard time. If on top of that they are tourists, straight or obviously drunk, things get even tougher. But these are just rough guesses. When a punk who doesn't get in shouts out, "Fuck you, Germany! You're scum! I'm from Vienna!" everyone has a little chuckle." Click here to read the full excerpt.

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