Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Daily Bump: Movement set times announced + FREE Festival App

This just in: Paxahau Promotions Group have officially released the schedule for the Movement Festival this Memorial Day weekend (and if you didn't hear the good news, we're going to make it this year!). The full schedule can be viewed exclusively here on the Ernst Benz Facebook page. Looking good...

Also, there is a Movement Festival App available for FREE on Itunes. Click
here to download it. With this app, you'll be able to keep up to date with what's going on during the fest in real time! Ah, technology today...We are living in the future!!

Here are the the perks of the app...pretty impressive stuff:

  • The entire lineup being available on the iPhone or iPod. Artist biography pages link to their website and pages such as iTunes, Beatport, YouTube.
  • Keeping track of the artists you want to see by adding them to your schedule with the plus button function next to their name.
  • A friend finder feature that lets you show your friends where you are in the crowd. (okay, maybe that's venturing into Big Brother territory....just sayin').
  • Being able to tune into Paxahau Radio. (in case, you know, you're in your room taking a nap and don't want to miss out...)
  • A map of the festival that you can pinch and scroll around.
  • Instant directions to after parties. The app uses your current location and automatically gives you directions.
  • A flashlight at the top right of the app, tap this for a bright white screen.

We're impressed!

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  1. nicceee! I'm impressed too


    right on for being free!