Monday, May 17, 2010

The Daily Bump: Villalobos, master of mind twisting

So we've got some good news...and more good news. We'll start with the first round of good news: our team from Don't Forget to Go Home will be making it to Movement this year for the first time! We couldn't resist the tempting line up and we just feel the good vibrations surrounding the hype of this year's fest. Good news#2: we also got our ticket to the I'm On A Boat Party, with Ricardo Villalobos and Carl that looks epic.

We're totally psyched to see Villalobos, because well, we've never seen him in action before. We know he's a "legend" of sorts (yes, that's a bit of an understatement), but we rather make that decision by hearing him for ourselves in a proper setting...and not just through our headphones.

Speaking of which, we did come across this awesome wild beast of a set recorded from his perform at Fabric in2006. We imagine that whoever attended that party left feeling their brains were ground in a blender then dosed with acid. Get twisted...

Ricardo Villalobos Live @ Fabric 7th Birthday - 21-10-2006

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