Monday, April 19, 2010

The Daily Bump: Wiggle, Squirm, You Dig?

New Feature - The Daily Bump: A little dose of the good stuff...
At Don’t Forget to Go Home, we comb the web, music archives, magazines and record stores for the best of music (new and old), fun and interesting articles, fabulous mixes and we bring you a little dose of our findings to perk up your day.

So apparently Pirahnahead has a podcast series. Had, sorry. We’ve been fascinated with this guy since discovering his intense track, Self Conscious on his NGTV NRG Stage 1 EP released earlier this year and is probably one of the most solid tunes of 2010 so far. Another piece of wax to add to our stacks! We max out the volume on this one and feel like a bunch of badass mo'fo's. Highly recommended, this is a must-know-about tune for 2010 – Carl Craig and Quentin Harris are already on the remix board. Before that came out we weren’t familiar with Pirahnahead but coming across his new EP and this little informal bio blurb on his podcast site makes him our new DJ crush: “I am Pirahnahead, The ONE and ONLY on the planet...(unless Ur underwater actually chewin on or Rippin thru somethin!) A little bit about me - Uh... Music...That's what I do, and I'm here 2 try and make somethin wiggle, squirm or just do what it do..dig?” Yeah, we dig. Tuning in now. Is that a Jill Scott remix? Nice. Ooh, and you made a mix for Bodytonic too? We're set for the day.

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