Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Daily Bump: How Low Can You Go?

It’s all about dub these days…dubstep, that is. Just for example, this week’s RA profiled bass iconoclast, Kode9 and featured new age dub artist, 2562 for their weekly podcast. Also this week we came across an interesting article in Flavorpill featuring 8 essentials US artists at the forefront of what they’re calling dubstep’s "second wave." We recently went on Red Bull Music Academy and noticed its growing by the day with new additions to the dubstep section. Even Detroit's deep house wunderkind, Kyle Hall just released an EP out on UK's leading dubstep imprint, Hyperdub.

We are always fascinated with the cycle of trends that ebb and flow in this ever-changing world of music – especially dance and electronic music. However, the dubstep trend has been the longest growing one and its only starting to inch toward it’s peak. What’s so fascinating about this bass invasion is that dubstep used to be one of the smallest underground scenes, always skirting at the fringes of dance music’s house and techno pillars. Not anymore. In fact, DJs and producers from house and techno are opening up their ears to dubstep – along with it’s UK funky/garage/grime counterparts - and forging a completely new sound and style, and vice versa. Fusing these conventional styles with dubstep’s unmatchable two-step beat and sonorous bass only takes the music into deeper territory. So the next question is, how low can we go?

Here’s a link to a recommended mix that shows the versatility of this new fusion, by London's Roska. Get your bass on.

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