Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Mighty Pink Mammoth Marathon: Playa meets South Beach

A WMC Countdown Edition Feature -- Pink Mammoth, San Francisco’s Burning Man music and arts collective hits up Miami for their first ever performance at WMC, bringing the playa vibe to South Beach for a FREE fifteen-hour marathon featuring Australia’s Random Soul duo and Get Physical’s founder, DJ T. Click here to RSVP.

During the Thunderground Tour of San Francisco earlier this month I was introduced to the Pink Mammoth music and arts collective, a Burning Man camp based in SF and a staple crew to the underground scene in the city. Through them I discovered the sound of San Francisco’s underground house music. Yes, you can call it “house music” but its more raw and dirty than other strains, twisting and turning with dark glitchy layers, jazzy riffs and thick, electro beats. It's oh-so-sexy and feel-good. But let the music speak for itself…

Fortunately for all us WMC-goers, Pink Mammoth’s resident DJs will be performing for the first time at WMC this year to bring Miami a taste of how things go down Frisco-style.

“Come as you are, as freaky as you are,” says Jonathan Will of the PM family when summarizing the San Francisco scene. "We are like the Wu Tang Clan of house music (without the jail sentences),” says Jonathan. “We each bring a different element and style to our parties that overall contributes to a balanced and full evening.” As a collective, Pink Mammoth strives for intimacy, love, compassion and selflessness, so this vibe will certainly be a refreshing break from Miami's schmoozing, name-dropping attitude. For this one-night only event, find out what pink love is all about and get your Burning Man fix – minus the playa dust and wandering naked people...

Check out the latest Pink Mammoth podcast by Jonathan Will.

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The PM crew will also be throwing down a banger with house don Jimpster on March 19th. Show them some pink love if you’re in the Bay Area. More info here.

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