Saturday, March 20, 2010

For the Lost: Why Crosstown Rebel’s legendary Get Lost Party is not to be missed

Photo courtesy of Christopher Soltis.

"There were drag queens and girls taking their shirts off, tripping on acid. I put my sunglasses on and let myself go..."

It was 5:02 am on March 28th, 2009, South Beach.

“To the Electric Pickle, please,” I told the cab driver as I shut the door.

“Miss, it’s 5 am. The club’s closed,” he scoffed.

“No, it’s not,” I said, “There’s a party that’s starting now, just go there, please.”

Mumbling under his breath, we took off to downtown Miami and stopped at the corner of the club. The block was empty and dark. There was no sign of life at the door. Was I making this up all along?

“See told you. Why’d you make me come all the way down here?” he laughed again, shaking his head.

Then I noticed a silhouette of a young man sitting at the fence not too far from the entrance.

“Thanks,” I said, throwing the cab driver his money and booted out the cab.

“Get Lost?” I said to the guy at the fence.

“Yeah,” he said, glancing around then pointed to the lot behind him. I slipped through the narrow opening of the disheveled fence and into the backyard of the club. This wasn’t the same entrance I had come in the other night for a Wolf + Lamb afterhours. This was much seedier. I loved it. Walking up the back stairs I could hear the faint sound of slow, steely beats. Inside, the room was full. I was surprised so many people were there considering the party only officially started fifteen minutes ago. Lee Foss was playing the decks, but it wasn’t pumping. People weren’t dancing. I hope this gets a little more lively, I thought.

Then the music stopped. Damian Lazarus stepped up to the turntables and people mingling around the bar gathered to the center of the dance floor. People started to clap. Someone whistled.

“Yeah!” shouted a guy next to me, “We came here to get down!!

And that’s how the party began. I had never danced for twelve hours straight before but I did that night (or morning or afternoon, whatever you’d like to call it). The room seemed to become increasingly packed by the minute and people danced on tables and above the couches. There were drag queens and girls taking their shirts off, tripping on acid. I put my sunglasses on and let myself go to the heavy, thick, disgustingly deep pulsating beats that pervaded the room. The space had a reddish-pink haze and smelled of freshly lit joints and sweat. We were getting down, deep and raw.

This was my first Crosstown Rebels party. And the Get Lost party is their legendary party they throw down ever year at WMC. Initially called “Ket Lost,” this is where you really get to hear the true Rebel sound that I would describe as twisted, beautiful and truly original. It’s not music to describe, really, but to experience. For this year’s WMC they will be celebrating the party's 5th birthday with a lengthy list of quality talent that’s a little overwhelming to see on the same line up. Epic times ahead indeed. And above all, this is a real deal kind of party. Those Rebels know how to rave.

Get Lost 5th Birthday at the Electric Pickle

Saturday March 27th 2010.

5 am – 7 pm

Line Up: Damian Lazarus, Konrad Black, Lee Curtiss, Clive Henry vs. Dyed Soundorom, Shaun Reeves vs. Ryan Crosson, Glimpse, Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler, Mr. C, Butane, Deniz Kurtel, Soul Clap, Lee Foss, Matt Tolfrey, Kenny Glasgow vs. Jonny White, Droog.

More info here.

Photos courtesy of Christopher Soltis.

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