Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Featured Release: Ananesworld

At Don’t Forget to Go Home we try to focus on underground gems with a low-key profile rather than those who frequent world-class venues or are charted by media that borderlines the mainstream. However, Anane is certainly not one of those talents diluted by global appraisal and international recognition. She is one of those surprising discoveries we have never heard of before until we were introduced to her newest album, Ananesworld officially released today by Nervous Records. Since she started off as a starving artist in New York fresh off the boat from Cape Verde to becoming an in-demand artist at reputable festivals, Anane has maintained a consistently strong talent throughout her career (and it’s not just because she happens to be Louie Vega’s wife). Her new release, Ananesworld is an expression of her rich musical knowledge and talent as a singer and producer. The album is a delightful mixed bag of songs that span across the colorful spectrum of this lady’s diverse musical heritage, from earthy reggae to nu-disco funk and sultry deep house all fused with percussive grooves and Carribean-influenced melodies. What makes this album such a sunny experience is Anane’s honey-dipped voice dosing each song with a touch of soul. Anane co-produced several tracks on this album with Vega, and co-wrote nine of the songs with Grammy Award Winner Lisa Fischer, Duane Harden, Lem Springsteen, Kalu Montiero and Djim Djob. Since we’re in the spirit of stroking her ego, Anane’s skill as a DJ is also noteworthy. You can get a taste of her eclectic style by checking out several of her mixes here. Power to the she-DJ!

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