Friday, February 5, 2010

No sleep 'til Berlin - Boogybytes Vol. 05 by Seth Troxler

Ah, Seth…it’s hard to imagine what the microcosm of underground music, parties and after hours would be like without his unmatched sets and fun-loving charm that have crowds buzzing from coast to coast. Not only has this young talent quickly gathered international respect as a wunderkind behind the decks he has also accumulated a roster of quality productions and remixes under his belt. 2010 is already a promising one for this young man who has been given the honor of mixing BPitch's Boogybytes Volume .05 (set to release Feb. 22 this year). It’s safe to say that the final product is a reason he deserves a spot on the international pedestal of especially skilled young DJs.

Boogybytes Vol. 05 would make the perfect soundtrack to an Alice in Wonderland film, with Seth as a snarky white rabbit coaxing listeners through his maze. The mix kicks off on a giddy hop with a whole lot of funk and soul but then spurs drastically - albeit skillfully – through weird territory and into a whirlwind of dark and haunting techy beats. There are several priceless tracks on this compilation such as 'Birds and Soul' and Nicolas Jaar’s 'Time for Us' as well as several individual remixes by Troxler himself. As a whole this CD is an acclamation to Troxler’s dexterity as a natural DJ - if you can mix Craig Smith, Richie Hawtin and Fever Ray in the same breath and still have it work – then my friends, that is skill.

Essentially this mix pays homage to the decadent dance floor adventures we crave: the night that takes off on a healthy vibe then spirals into a hedonistic, surreal journey that leaves you hiding behind your sunglasses in the a.m. thinking – what happened?! Was that all real? (Can we do that again?!)

This makes sense considering Seth’s intent for the compilation, which was to reflect on his current home of Berlin and it’s notorious after party life. “I wanted to do something which would set itself apart from all the trends,” he said, “and yet paint a picture of this city and portray it the way I experience it.” And who better knows how to party than Sexy Troxler himself?

That being said, Boogybytes Vol. 05 makes you want to get up, go out, find a party and get down (which is really why I ended up having to write this review at some ungodly hour - is it really 5:48 am already?!). But through all this doubt and uncertainty we feel when we tend to go too far and lose track of time (and reality) Troxler seems to send the message - it’s never the end of the world to listen to that white rabbit at the back of our conscience. We all yearn for that journey every now and then and in this case, you just have to trust the DJ will make it a good one.

Mark your calendars, Seth Troxler will be dropping his hotness at Pacha on Feb. 12, 2010, as part of the Crosstown Rebels 'Rebel Rave Tour.’

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