Sunday, January 17, 2010

Late Night Jammin': UQ meets Panorama Bar

Underground Qualitys new monthly Club House series at Love is the no-fuss kind of party for true deep house heads. This is the kind of party you plan to arrive early and stay late. From beginning to end the music is quality guaranteed with residents Jus-Ed and Anthony Parasole never falling short of playing unique sets with a handful of aural goodness to pull from their crates. The Club House is the only party (at least from my experience so far) where the latest label releases are sold behind the DJ booth – you can end up leaving with one – or two – fresh EPs. Promo CDs are also passed around on the dance floor with mixes made exclusively for Club House partygoers. Now that’s what’s up.

The anticipated UQ Meets Panorama Bar on January 16th with Levon Vincent and Berlin’s Tama Sumo was all worth the wait. 2009 was a good year for both DJs - Sumo’s Panorama Bar 02 CD landed number eight on RA’s annual Top 20 Compilations list and Vincent’s Novel Sound releases have been the buzz on international charts as well. Needless to say there was a level of expectation for this party and both were far from falling short of that. Each delivered exceptionally good sets that only solidified these talked about talents. There is no point recapping every peak of the party (you were either there or you weren’t!) but one mentionable moment was when Sumo dropped Vincent’s killer Late Night Jam track. It practically destroyed the dance floor – and Vincent himself. If you haven't heard it yet lets just say it's pretty epic.

So you know it’s a good party when you see the DJs losing it on the dance floor along with everyone else. And nothing beats Love’s incredible sound system that is so good it seems like you’re inside massive headphones, which is definitely part of the party’s appeal. Quality music deserves a quality sound system.

Heads up for Feb. 21st for the third installment of the Club House series with West Coast's Aybee. Mark your calendars! This will be a Sunday party and definitely not one to be missed.

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