Sunday, July 19, 2009

Boat without a Captain

Below is a brief recap of last weekend’s highlight, the “Boat without a Captain” party – a 24 hour epic shindig hosted by NY’s Resolute crew. Line up included – Quenum, Mikael Stavostrand, Mike Khoury and Tanner Ross and many more. (Photos courtesy of J. Peter Siriprakorn).

Ah, the things we have to go through to get to a party – long lines, taxis, subways…but when the journey is like an adventure it makes the wait worth it. Getting to the anticipated Resolute 026 “Boat Without A Captain” party was like a scavenger hunt (“first meeting place will be at the Bushwick Pita Palace”) and then like some sketchy operation (“stand at the back of the restaurant and act cool”) and then like a field trip (“everyone in the restaurant move over to the corner and wait for the party bus”)…

But, that’s the way we do it in New York. Forget fancy clubs, VIP treatment and bottle service, we are too good for that. We prefer to party under the sun on top of abandoned boats without captains buried in the backstreets of warehouse district Brooklyn, littered with broken manikins, banana peels and pirate swords…because where else are we able to dance from sunrise to sunset? Resolute, you’ve done it again. Bravo, bravo…keep it going down for the underground…

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